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UASB Technology

KANKYO UASB reactor, with its innovative technology, is the simplest version of the UASB reactors. It has been a proven standard for many years in the purification of industrial wastewater.

With the KANKYO UASB reactor, high levels of degradation can be achieved even with low COD concentrations and volume flows. This makes it very advantageous even for the smallest application areas and budgets.

The technology applied in UASB reactor is a method of anaerobic digestion of the organic load of wastewater, resulting in biogas and granular sludge (granules) production. The reactor is named after the upward flow of the raw wastewater, through an anaerobic sludge layer, in which anaerobic microorganisms are grown, that break down the waste.

This layer of sludge that tends to settle, in conjunction with the upward flow of wastewater, creates the conditions for selective growth of anaerobic microorganisms, that are able to grow only by contact, by attaching to one another, so as to form dense spherical structures (granules) of 0,5 - 2 mm.