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Fuelling the Future

Bio CNG is the purified form of Biogas where all the unwanted gases are removed to produce >95% pure methane gas.

Bio CNG is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas (CV: ~52000 KJ/Kg) in its composition and energy potential.

As it is generated from biomass, it is considered a renewable source of energy and thus, attracts all the commercial benefits applicable to other renewable sources of energy.

How is Bio-CNG Actually Produced?

» Biogas is produced by fermenting biomass if different microorganisms decompose the organic components of biomass (e.g. sludge, organic residues and waste materials, etc.) under exclusion of oxygen. Initially, the methane (CH4) content of biogas is only about 50%. To use it as a fuel, it is treated to almost 100% methane in the first step. The resulting bio-methane is subsequently brought to a high pressure stage. It is then known as bio-CNG (compressed natural gas), whose quality is similar to that of fossil natural gas. This is how biogas is converted into a fuel.

Why Bio-CNG?