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KANKYO offers a wide range of bioremediation solutions for eliminating environmental hazards of all kinds.

Our products decontaminate, and biodegrade harmful chemicals using nontoxic, environmentally responsible products. They have applications in industrial, commercial and domestic contexts.

Most companies in the industrial and commercial sectors have to deal with the problems of spills, cleansing, degreasing and general problems. KANKYO's highly effective products, which are safe, biodegradable, user-friendly and environmentally friendly, offer alternatives to toxic solvents and soaps or absorbents. They enable environmentally conscious companies to "green" their production and maintenance procedures, and to improve their competitiveness through better health and safety at work and lower environmental compliance costs.

The bacteria used in our microbial bioremediation cleaning products are safe to handle and effective on a wide range of chemical spills and contamination emergencies, They eliminate the need for physical removal, storage, and off-site remediation of contaminated soils, or expensive groundwater decontamination methods. Microbial remediation is the safe, environmentally sound, cost-effective alternative.

Industrial Applications

Bioremediation's products are perfect for large and small companies including fuel distributors, gas stations,truck stops, stamping plants, automotive manufacturers, wire manufactures, plastic mold injection, fleet maintenance, rail road spills, auto repair, auto dealerships, environmental contractors,oil refinerys,pipe line maintance, waste water treament operations, salvage yards, utility companies gas and electric, transformer cleaning and spills.

chemical companies, farms, civil engineering firms, trucking companies, aviation and aircraft companies, machine shops, food and drink manufacturers, mining companies and others. Our products can be used for just about any industry where there are hydrocarbons.

Soil Bioremediation

Lake Bioremediation

Wastewater Bioremediation