Team Behind

  • Balaji Gurusamy
    Chief Marketing Officer

    An Electronics and Communication Engineer with Post graduation in Business management who has over more than 14 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Satellite, Telecom and Energy domain.

    He has been associated with various large IT Organizations both in India and abroad with companies such as Infosys, CSC Covansys, EDS and Alcatel working across various domains related to Telecom, Automobiles, Energy, Oil and Gas and Payment Gateways and has extensive knowledge in Business Consulting and Business Process Modeling.

    Have developed interest in the field of environment during his several assignments and has hands of experience in Biomass fuels, Waste to energy , Liquid waste treatment and Organic Products.

  • Mr. Shyam Prasad Manna
    Plasma gasification Specialist

    A B.Tech (Hons) from IIT Kharagpur has worked extensively in developing innovative products in the field of New and Renewable Energy for domestic and industries.

    A specialist in Furnace and Automation, has carried out extensive Research in Plasma gasification technology for various types of waste and successfully modeled decentralized Plasma gasification technology. Has 35 years of solid expertise in this segment.

  • Prof. Dr. N.S. Varandani
    Technical Advisor

    Prof. Dr. N.S. Varandani is a Principal Research Scientist, Environment & Energy Efficiency Research Wing at Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI) Research, Innovation and Incubation Center, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Prof. Dr. N. S. Varandani has extensive qualitative experience in academics and the field projects.

    He has led the team of Environmental Engineers to solve the varied environmental problems related to water and waste water treatment, control of gaseous emissions, management and disposal of municipal and industrial hazardous solid wastes, environmental impact assessment etc. He has also contributed effectively, through fundamental and applied research in the field of ‘waste – to –energy’. He is member of several committees formed by the government agencies to address the pressing problems of environmental pollution. He has also served as Dean (PG&Ph D) at Gujarat Technological University for two years.

    He has been awarded with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Award for Science & Technology, 2009 -2010, for developing ‘Integrated Air Pollution Control System for Cupola based foundries’ of Ahmedabad city. es’.

  • Harumitsu Nishikawa
    Environment Specialist

    Mr. NISHIKAWA holds a doctorate in Science and Pharmacology. Currently the Director of Sigma Institute of Environmental technology and visiting professor of Nagoya Institute of Technology.

    His core expertise areas are Environmental protection technology, Environmental science, and Analytical chemistry. He has carried out extensive research and collaborative work in these areas and has come out with innovative solutions

  • Eshwar Reddy Purmandla
    Waste to Energy Specialist

    A Chemical Engineer with post graduation in process design has over thirty five years experience in Process Operations , SHE , Effluent and Sewerage collection systems, CETP’s, solid waste treatment and dispaosal,engineering designs & projects management, Infrastructure Development, Administration & Business Expansion Plans.

    He has a strong proficiency in managing and leading teams for running successful ventures & experienced in establishing systems for business excellence from conceptualization to strategic exit.

    Worked for Prestigious organizations like Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, Rallis India Limited, a Tata Group Company and as Chief Executive Officer of Ramky Pharmacity (India) Limited.

  • Takeji TAKUI, Dr. Eng (Ph.D)
    Wastewater Specialist

    Professor Takeji TAKUI is the Senior University Research Administrator, Specially Appointed Professor, Professor Emeritus in Osaka City University

    He has a vast expertise in environmental area. He specializes in advanced and conventional chemical analysis of water qualification of wastewater emitted from factories and firms. His other core expertise are superchemical and conventional chemical technology for removing toxic heavy metal ions from wastewater, Zero emission sewage disposal approach, chemical-physical qualification of Nano-bubble water.


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