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Moving Bed Bioreactor

Moving Bed Bioreactors (MBBR) biologically treat wastewater by circulating moving media in aerobic and anaerobic activated sludge environments. MBBR systems are an ideal treatment solution for high-strength wastewater or siting applications requiring a compact physical footprint. Upgrading existing treatment plants into MBBR systems can greatly enhance biological nitrogen removal (BNR) – expanding treatment capacity and improving effluent quality with no additional footprint expansion.

The moving media is typically a floating plastic substrate colonized by a community of bacteria called a biofilm. Increased levels of biofilm enhance the biological treatment process by introducing a more robust microbial community to break down nutrients. Independently-moving carriers continually circulate through aerobic bio-reactors in a random motion, ensuring excellent oxygen and substrate transfer to the biomass.

With the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) KANKYO offers an economically solution for wastewater treatment or if applicable discharge regulations are not as strict.

With this application we offer advanced wastewater treatment solutions for the industrial and municipal markets. These solutions significantly increase the capacity and efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants, while minimizing the size of new plant deployments.

This method makes it possible to attain good efficiency results of disposal with low energy consumption. This process is used for the removal of organic substances, nitrification and denitrification.

The MBBR process can be used for a variety of different applications to attain the desired results, depending on the quality of the wastewater and the discharge regulations.

KANKYO specializes in using different specialized media to handle different types of wastewater. In addition to the building of a new system it is also possible to use this technology to upgrade an existing system.