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Water Treatment Solutions

KANKYO offers a wide range innovative turnkey solutions in water treatment to meet customers process requirements.

Clarification systems

Raw water from all sources can be treated for suspended solids, turbidity & colloidal particles using clarification systems.

Our designs & offerings are customized to project requirement and can best meet challenges of varying inlet loads, low space & area for installation, low power requirements & minimized sludge generation.

Filtration systems

We offer wide range of advanced filtration systems that enables treatment of suspended particles, color, odour & oil through filtration. The media filters involved filtration of particulates across surface & depth of media. These systems are backwashed when the pressure drops across the media increase.

Process water treatment | Resin based treatment systems

The dissolved impurities in water are best removed by ion exchange process wherein select ions are exchanged across the resins. Cationic resins (Weak base or Strong base) and Anionic resins (Weak acid or Strong acid) are used in varying combinations to treat water for different quality requirement. The resin beds, when exhausted are regenerated with chemicals in co-flow mode or counter current mode of regeneration for maximum efficiency.

Depending upon the inlet water quality & application, selection of treatment scheme is critical to ensure maximum treatment efficiency, low footprint area & minimal chemical waste. KANKYO offers advanced designs, including layered bed systems, for lowest operating costs and has a large installation base of operating plants for different industrial & institutional applications. Our DM plant designs ensure lowest chemical consumption and self neutralizing effluents.

Membrane based treatment systems

Reducing water availability, deteriorating water quality and growing environmental concerns are constantly challenging the economics of water treatment processes. Increased levels of dissolved solids in water have made many conventional treatment processes unviable. Membrane treatment processes are best solutions for water with high salinity, varying quality and wastewater.

This process involves physical separation of suspended, colloidal, microbial, dissolved or selectively dissolved impurities through membranes. The membranes used have varying pore sizes that are selectively used for treatment of water. Since these membranes are susceptible to fouling and damage, suitable pre-treatment is essential to ensure maximum membrane life & economics of operation.

KANKYO uses advanced software for design, construction & operation of membrane based treatment systems for water & waste water. Our designs offer advantages of low footprint area, low power & chemical consumption, high recovery & increased membrane life. We have large installation base of UF, NF, RO & SWRO plants operating successfully over the years.